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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just for fun

I have been such a Debbie Downer the last month or so, I apologize, I am going to make a real effort to get to the place where I am more comfortable. I have had a lot of crap concerning my health through the years, but it always works it's way out, I know that. Even if I lose a little, I still have a lot compared to some of the other survivors who got a dose of that last polio virus before the vaccine came out. I have a wonderful husband, a sweet little dog, family and friends(old and new, here and in heaven) who would be there for me in a minute, so enough of this doom and gloom. Full speed ahead, figure out what the problem is this time and deal with it. Enough for this matter.

Jay has been bringing back some beautiful pictures from his rides on the motorcycle. He and I both really enjoy having the cameras on our IPhones. Thought I would show you some of his, helps you understand why we love this place so.

I must say he does a pretty good job with composition, although half or more of his pictures have the bike in them, who wants to see a dirty old motorcycle.

Of course I spend a lot of my time running around here taking pictures of Izzie. Getting this little dog has made such a difference in my life, Can you imagine how far I would have sunk without Izzie to pick me up?

I have included pictures of some of here favorite sleeping places, that little girl does love her a nap.

We were driving when I took this one, she likes to stay up front between us when we are on the road, I think she does it so J can't sneak a cookie by her.

This is one of her favorite places when we are parked, makes a nice napping place and if anyone comes by the door, she is right there in a heart beat to check them out.
This morning after we had finished our coffee J was looking for her in all her usual places to take her for a walk before his ride. We couldn't find her anywhere, he went into the bedroom, and there she was. She decided, what the heck, she would just go to bed.

This is one of her all time favorites, she doesn't get to do this often, but at the end of the day, when J settles down, she loves to crawl up and stretch out. Now tell me, isn't that one of the cutest things you have ever seen.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me advice, offered help, said a prayer or thought a good thought for me. I am going to be alright, I am getting myself to a better place and doing things to keep me there. I go for the MRI and xrays Wednesday, I am hoping they will find something that can be fixed.

It is chilly and cloudy today here, hope you have sunshine where you are.


  1. These are some beautiful pictures Joyce. Izzie is so precious!

  2. Izzie is a little mop-head-too cute for words :)
    You have been sharing a very real journey and it's your journey! And your blog! So write about whatever you want!!!!
    I will be here to read :)
    Beautiful pics!!!!
    xo, misha