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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie

Today is J's birthday, we are going to have a happy hour later today. It's chilly here today so I am making some spiked apple cider to warm us up and we will have a fire. The sun is shining bright and if the wind would just die down it would be lovely.

This morning I was in such a fluster I gave J one of his Christmas gifts for his birthday, now I have to come up with some more ideas. His main gift is coming today, I got him at helmet camera, lots of times he see really neat things, like all kinds of animals when he is way up in the mountains but by the time he takes his gloves off and gets the camera out the shot is gone. This is going to pay off for me because I will get to see more of what he sees.

The mountains got there first snow yesterday since we have been here. J took a few shots on his ride this morning, aren't they beautiful?


  1. A helmet camera - what a great idea!
    I woke up to snow here in Oklahoma this morning. Maybe 3 inches covering everything. It was so beautiful, but it is all gone now, a short 6 hours later.

  2. Brrrr...it is cold up here in Congress!! happy birthday.J!

  3. Tell J I thought of him on his birthday! I am just not good at remembering to get a card in time to mail it to him. Bad on my part. I'll be sending a package later on, maybe that will make up for it. I am amazed at the pictures he is taking! Is he using your camera? Will the helmet camera be of the same quality? You should really think of framing some of these prints. They would make great gifts. Hope you are feeling better. I started making jelly yesterday, still at it today. My body will be killing me before it's over. Love and miss you.

    Hate to keep harping at you, but you really should be scrapbooking/journaling your travels and that way you could use the pictures.