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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today we will bring the coach home and J will start going over it. I have started making piles in the house of things that will be going with us. I have lists all over the place, errands to run, shopping to do.

I have almost all my Christmas presents done for the family. Since they will be celebrating at my sister Connie's house this year she is going to be kind enough to keep them for me. I had the hardest time finding Christmas bags and tags, I have never had to do it this early before and it was really tough.

I am worried about the trip this time, I have never hurt like this when we were traveling. J is making it as easy as he can, not real long days, some rest days here and there. I am so hoping that when we get to Arizona with less humidity I will start to feel better. If not I have a good Dr. out there and we will just have to come up with something, I just can't continue like this.

For now, I just have to make myself keep moving.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe less humidity will indeed help. Since it has cooled off here, I haven't had as much of a problem with my knee. I hope so anyway.