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Monday, October 3, 2011


I was on the edge of tears all day. I want to talk to my best friend. When I walk by a picture of her it just kinda slaps my in the face. I just have not been able to reconcile myself to it. I can't imagine how her husband and kids are feeling, my heart just breaks for them.

My younger sister and I were going to meet my older sister in Mississippi for a family reunion, but I decided I just wasn't up to it. I haven't got this new medicine down yet. I think it is going to be fine, it keeps the pain at a low hum as long as I keep my activity at a low level. I am so happy I am sleeping at night, those of you that have chronic pain know that sleep is sometimes a very difficult thing to manage.

We are keeping my sister's dog this week while she is out of town and it is so much fun to watch her and Izzie together. I could almost see myself getting another one if I could just figure out how to skip that potty training stage. It is kinda cool when all four of us snuggle in bad at night. Iz sleeps at the bottom of the bed, Heidi is adorable she heads under the blankets till she's in the middle of the bed. She is just like Bubba used to be, pushes her back against one of us and her feet against the other one. I have some great pictures of the two of them, if I ever get motivated I will post some of them.

That motivation thing needs to kick in pretty soon, we leave in two and half weeks. I have even started my lists of what I need to gather to transfer into the motor coach. I have duplicates of a lot of things in both houses, but with somethings it just doesn't make sense. We have yet to make a trip where I didn't forget half a dozen things. It takes a lot of stuff when you live in it for six months.


  1. It is normal to still feel sad and lonely....it has hardly been any time at all, Joyce. And the new meds might be messing with every thing too. You have to take it one day at a time....if you forget stuff for the trip it doesn't matter...as long as you make sure you have izzy and J. you are good to go

  2. Hi Joyce Ann, I'm sorry you're feeling sad. It is going to take awhile to not be on the verge of tears. Be patient with yourself and let yourself feel.