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Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Finally Finished

When we decided we were going to stay here a few more years, we also decided to do some work around the house. We have been parking our coach in an outdoor storage space, J has never been comfortable with this. It was also a pain when loading up to leave that we couldn't open the slides. So the decision was made to put in a pad in our back yard. A full pad with electric hookup.

What is amazing it they put in the pad, took out our old driveway and put in a new one all in just 3 1/2 hours. We were duly impressed. We can't drive the coach over the new driveway till Monday. But it will be so, so easy to load for this trip. Yeah!!


  1. woo hoo..I will be there next summer!!...lol..lucky you are not in one of the neighborhoods ...as most are in Az....that have those darn HOV rules and they don't let you park your rv in your back yard. You are getting things ready to come back...still warm here but nice...99°

  2. Wow...that's quite a job..in such a short time...thank you for praying and taking the time to comment on my blog.
    bless you,