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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I miss my friend

Gosh I miss Judy today.

I just got back from running some errands and I think it was Barnes & Noble that did it. I went in to pick up the new JD Robb book. My sister Connie and I like them so we take turns buying them and sharing. When I was standing in line to pay for the book (long line) I kept seeing things that I would have bought for Judy to go in the ball. She loved to read, just like I do and we liked a lot of the same authors. So, needless to say I could always find a new book mark or some other little something to put in the ball.

By the time I paid and got back in the car I was ready to break down. I miss her so. I want a long, chatty girlfriend talk. You know the kind where you can say any nasty ,snotty thing about somebody and you know that she knows you don't really mean it, you are just blowing off steam. Conversations between best girlfriends are so safe, you can be at your worst and she will still love you. You listen to advice from a girlfriend that you would never listen to from someone else.

I know it is not very grown up of me to say, but I don't care. This stinks, it stinks big time. I want my girlfriend, I want her daughter and son to have their mother, I want her grand children to have their Grandma Kitty and I want her dear Husband to have his wife. And I am grown up enough to know that the pain I feel in missing Judy is so very small compared to the pain they feel.

I can't find any words to comfort her daughter because I can't find any comfort for myself. I tell her daughter, time, only time will heal the pain she is feeling and I know that to be true,but it truly brings no comfort.

Oh my dear sweet friend Judy, how I miss you.


  1. I am so sorry about your friend. That is really tough to be going through that.

    with sympathy,

  2. Sometimes I think the best thing we can do for another, is to be there. Just be there.

  3. It's good to talk about Judy and not just sweep your feelings under the rug...but I do think Judy would not want you to be sad for long...wishing one day in the near future you are able to think of Judy with joy and not sadness...