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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This and That

Construction started today, I think it will probably take a week to finish the floor and then they will start on the kitchen. It is oh so dusty and noisy but it will be worth it.
Icky Old Brown Carpet

Lovely new hardwood floors going in.

She leaps buildings in a single bound.

This is the little flower bed I put in last week that knocked me for a looop.

Our very first ever tomato plant, we had fried green tomatoes for supper. 

Miss Izzie the Queen.
They called from the Dr.'s office today all the tests have come back except one and they all indicate psuedo Porphyria, which means I have to give up my NSAID'S, not sure how we are going to handle that, I have been taking them since my 20's. I have to wait till the last test is in and then I will see the Dr. and we will talk about it. Wish me luck.


  1. I looked up Pseudoporphyria and it does seem one of the causes is NSAIDs. It reminds me also to stay out of the sun. I've never liked the idea of NSAIDs and instead for my latest fare-up of Pseudogout (interesting--all these pseudo diseases lately), started taking Tramadol. It is a pseudo narcotic of course. jk
    Anyway it helps me immensely, but I feel it is something I would not want to take once the bad pain passes.
    Your house is going to be so beautiful when the workers get done.

  2. You're going to love the house when it's done. That's a bummer about the test results. Don't you love all these new strange things that are popping up. Tomorrow I get the results of my scope and hopefully he can tell me when my reaction to the lanocain will go away and I'm not going to another doc about it. I've about had it with all the weird stuff going on with us. Our trip can't come soon enough!!!!

  3. Linda, Never heard of a pseudo disease before this, have you? No luck with the Tramadol, tried it once a few years ago and boy did I hallucinate!

    Judy, we will have a blast, just no sun and no wild drinking oh well there's always eating!

  4. What an interesting site you have! I'll be back for more....and you are going to love your house after the work is done. I've also been thinking of getting rid of living room carpeting. Enjoy the summer at "home".