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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bad and the Ugly take 2

The Bad: The Dr.'s nurse called today, very sweetly apologizing for not getting back to me yesterday, asking what seemed to be the problem ( I guess since the receptionist couldn't spell NSAIDS she just wouldn't write down anything I said) I explained everything to her and she said she would contact the Dr. and call me back. When she called me back she told me the Dr. said do not take the NSAID I called in yesterday, instead he would call in a prescription for TRAMADOL, I took a deep breath and asked her to look at my chart and check my allergies and after a moment she said, oh my you are allergic to TRAMADOL, I better call the DR. again and we will get back to you.

The Ugly: they didn't get finished yesterday and they didn't get finished today. In fact as they left today they said "we should be able to get the doors back on by Thursday", (big sigh)

Ok, it is out of my system, I will not whine any more on the blog. Someday soon I will have pictures to show you of my loverly new floors and I will have pictures from the baby shower and family party and all kinds of good stuff.


  1. Unbelievable! I am so sorry to hear about all this confusion from the doctor. After all, we like to think we can trust our doctors. I don't see you as a whiner at all Joyce Ann. I just hope this all gets fixed for you quickly so you can quit suffering with the pain. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Linda, I think I would probably be able to laugh and shrug it off if it didn't hurt so bad. But I know we will get it resolved soon. We have to or nobody is gonna want to be around my crabby self.

  3. Hellooooo...that is probably what I would have said each and every time! Maybe change doctors...or at least hope they got the test results right? On the house...sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better...you know,,at least they show up...lol. Is Aleve considered a NSAID?...I agree with Linda...you are definitely NOT a whiner! If I was close I would bring you some cheese to have with the whine....

  4. In the past 5 years since dealing with my Fibro, I could have written two books on medical incompetence within the doctor's office! Oy! I know how frustrating it is. One has to be totally in charge of their health care. Kudos to your pharmacist for catching that error!
    I hope tomorrow proves better. Just make sure everything gets taken care of by Thursday. Friday comes and most docs are out or scoot out early. And then you are hanging until Monday!

    I will watch for your update :) I will also keep you in my prayers.
    xo, misha

  5. Ooooh. I hope you are feeling better! My son took Tramadol, and had a bad reaction to it.

    I was just talking to Mali's cousin yesterday about it, and she is a pharm student, and told me they were thinking about taking Tramadol off the market.

    I say "Whatcha waitin' for?"

    Be better soon!! And thanks for dropping by mi vida loca at That Janie Girl. I'm following you now!

  6. hey you, I can't reply back from my blog b/c you are a no-reply but the picture is from a greeting card I got years ago that I scanned so steal away.
    It is pretty great...cracks me up.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. You poor dear, good thing you are on top of your meds (as well, as the pharmasist) Makes you want to scream! (You have my permission!)

    Construction can be a big pain but the rewards.....there waiting for you..that's the good news!