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Friday, March 8, 2013

What can I say, it has been almost three months since I posted last.  I don't know why. We have been a lot of great places, eaten at a number of really fun and interesting places. For some reason I just didn't want to blog, didn't want to share.
I faithfully read all my favorite blogs every day.  And every day I thought, I should start blogging again, but just couldn't talk myself into it.
Tonight I told Jay I had posted some pictures of the places we had been recently ( we are in Indio, Ca.) he said "oh, on your blog" and I said no I don't blog anymore, he said " why not" and I didn't have an answer. 
I think maybe when I went through my physical problems last year I felt I had shared to much.  When I started this blog it was to share RV Resorts and Restaurants only.  I think I got cared away and shared to much.  I have had always had problems with pain and have always played it very close to the chest, never shared, just sucked it up and went on. 
The blog got to be just like talking to my best friend Judy, it was so easy to bare my soul on it, after she was gone.  
I think I have decided I am not comfortable with that, need to dial it back and keep this as a RV Resort and Restaurant blog.  I have a lot of places to post concerning those topics. 
We are at the Indio Outdoor Motor-coach Resort in Ca., beautiful place, really beautiful.  We have been here for a week today and plan on staying three more weeks.  We have been so many neat places, I will try to start update tomorrow.


  1. Glad you're OK! I've been checking every weekend and was worried. You're the reason we found Bella Terra last year, and we're going back again next week. Thanks!

  2. You used your blog in the way you needed to use it. If someone isn't thrilled with what you have written on any given day they can come back next time. (((Hugs)))