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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was an Earthquake!

My First Real Earthquake

Yesterday I was in the motor coach with Izzie just putzing around when the whole coach started to rock and shake.  I thought maybe the wind had really picked up, I have felt the coach move in really strong wind storms, but I looked outside and it was totally calm.

I went out and checked the jacks, thought maybe one had failed, but no everything was fine. I just thought "how strange" and put it out of my mind.

This morning I read the local paper (check link above) and what do you know it was a 4.7 earthquake.
Now I have officially experienced California. 

I found a new blog to follow.RVGoddess, their home base is at the resort right across the street from ours. Lots of suggestions for things to see and restaurants to try. That's what I love about blogging.

She mentioned a cleaning service that did the interior of her coach so I called them and set up an appointment for 
Friday.  I am so excited I have been trying to find someone for the longest time. With the fused knee and ankle I just can't get in all the little spaces, like behind couches or windows behind the couches. And the shower it is impossible to do it if you can't bend.

So after Friday I will have a sparkling clean coach, all the dust from the desert will be gone. And then we head back to AJ and it will get all dusty again! Oh well, I will try to find someone when we get to Bella Terra in Gulfport.

We called Red Bay yesterday and made out appointment with Brandon. Jay is having a lot of things replaced like batteries and things I don't really understand. So we have get busy and find a carpet we like and ship it too him. I have a feeling J and I will have an argument when choosing a color.  We always do.

We also need to find some new dining room chairs, I really dislike the ones that came in the coach.
We saw a really big furniture store yesterday so I think we will check it out today. 

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  1. I can't believe you didn't understand what was going on! Where was j?