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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Drama continues....

This has been the craziest summer, I swear!  I just got through that nasty cancer scare and was getting ready to do the dentist thing and get it finished before time to leave.
 Went to the periodontist at the beginning of the week and as usual they took my blood pressure.  It is just part of their practice to do that every time you come in.  Well, imagine all our surprises when  my was 201/110.  They took it four times with four different style cuffs and they were all in the range.  Needless to say they refused to do the procedure and told me to call my doctor and then get back to them.
So I thought, well crap this is going to mess up my schedule.  I drove home and told J what was going on and then called the Dr.'s office.
When I told the nurse what the readings were she told me to go straight to the hospital. When I got off the phone I looked at J and said this is crazy, they want me to go to the emergency room.
I don't know if you have ever had to make a trip to the emergency room, but I have, many, many times when I was helping take care of my Mama.
I knew we would be there for hours and hours, so I persuaded J to just drop me off and armed with my IPhone and Kindle I would wait it out and call him when I knew what was going on.
So, I went in, registered, found a comfy seat and started reading my book.  Surprisingly it was only about an hour and a half when they took me back.
Of course, now my blood pressure was 230/110 so they kicked the chair back to lower my head, pasted on a nitroglycerin patch and did an EKG. I was pretty sure I was in for the long haul after that. 
I was seen by two ER doctors and eventually my own doctor and was told I would have to be checked in for observation and tests.  I got to the hospital about 12:30 in the afternoon, got taken back around two. I was taken to a room at 11:00 pm.  Are you getting the picture? I got my meds at 2:30 am.  At about 10 pm I had asked one of the nursed if I could get anything to eat as I had only had a cup of coffee that morning before I left my house. She brought me one of their box lunches, it was two pieces of white bread and four slices of bologna, oh and a package of mustard.  I wasn't so sure that a should have those four pieces of bologna if they thought I was having a heart attack so I didn't eat it.
When I was first waiting for a room the ER nurse said everything was backed up because they were waiting for people to go home.  Later on the came in and apologized for the wait and said it was because everyone was leaving at once and the transporters were backed up.  When I got in the room the nurse was complaining that they had been waiting hours with empty rooms for ER to send them patients. Crazy, huh.
So to end this crazy story, I had the test in the am, they got the blood pressure down to an acceptable level and sent me home that evening with some meds.
They do not know what caused such a spike, but I have to check my blood pressure twice a day  and if it spikes like that again I will have to have an angiogram. I see the Dr. in a few weeks and imagine I will be given some lifestyle and cooking changes.  I have been trying to do some of that on my own,
 We have about six weeks until we leave for AZ. I am hoping nothing else is going to happen and it is smooth sailing the rest of the way.
I have come to one conclusion with all this, It Stinks Getting Old.


  1. That is a bit scary.. hopefully you will do okay and be able to make your AZ trip. Whereabouts do you go in AZ? I plan on heading down either before christmas or just after. I have a brother in the Ticson area.

    1. Hopefully we will stay on schedule Sunny, we stay just on the edge of Apache Junction, near the foothills of Superstition Mountain.

  2. It could be artial filibration...that had my mom in the hospital 10 years ago for four days...they figured it out and she is a-ok after getting her meds right. Nothing to mess around with for sure. BP meds can make you feel pretty yucky for a while. Don't let them talk you into a pace maker....try meds first if you need them. Get back to Az where the sunshine makes us all feel better...proven fact! ha! Your sister will just have to start traveling!