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Monday, September 3, 2012

What's New

I have learned to use two new ( new to me ) apps. Polyvore and Zip List.
Zip List is a really neat recipe box and shopping list app.  They have great recipes or you can import your own recipes and store them in your recipe box. Then when you decide on your menu for the week, you pull out the recipes from your box and presto Zip List produces a shopping list.  As you put each item in your shopping cart you check it off your list.
I use the app on my mac when I am cooking, just pull up the recipe and step by step instructions are right there.  I use it on my phone when I go shopping,  just pull up my shopping list and away I go. 
I tried a recipe tonight that we really liked. We both love Caprese Salad , so when I saw this recipe on Zip List I knew we would like it. 
Chicken Caprese Salad
 It was delicious!
The other app Polyore is just plain fun for me. I don't really know how to explain it.  It is a fashion app combined with Pinterest.  You can create looks in clothing, furnishings anything you can think of.  Just like Zip List it has a large number of choices built in the system, but you can add your own finds basically the same way you Pin, you just Polyvore instead. 

You are filling a template. You can only add items in the designated placeholders.

My Items
My Sets
All Items

This is an example of an outfit that I did.  You should give it a look it's a lot of fun.

I spend a lot of time on my Mac and love to find new things to play with. 

Let me know if you checked them out and what you thought.


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