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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Smash Journal

My latest obsessions are Pinterest and Smash Journaling. Since we are on "vacation" this week I am allowing myself to work on them as long as I want with no guilt.

I use my Journal to motivate me.

I can not draw at all, lets face it I can barely write legibly, but since it is my personal journal I can pretend to draw all I want.

That looks like Izzie doesn't it?

This is my box of inspiration.
I pull things from magazines, newspapers, I throw in memento's like tickers to shows J and I have been to.

I save cards that were sent to me.

I cut, I paste, I draw, I write, I whine in the Journal, I smile and I cry working on the Journal.

It seems to work as therapy for me. And boy do I need all the therapy I can get.

It is beautiful here today. Please enjoy your Tuesday.

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