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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Judy

Today is Judy's birthday, she would have been 64.  I always loved teasing her that I was a year younger than her. I am wondering now that she is in Heaven if that means we are the same age?  And that next year I will be a year older?  I don't like that either Jude! 

I am happy that I can tease you again, I was so mad when you died.  I felt you had left me again just like you did when you moved to Minnesota.  I worked my way through that and I am not mad anymore, that was just selfishness on my part.  But oh Jude, I am so sad and I miss you so much. I guess I am still being selfish.  There is so much going on right now, stuff I need to talk to you about, scary stuff. 

 I think I will still be missing you until we meet in heaven.  I don't really know what heaven is like, I don't know if our loved ones who have gone before us are watching over us.  Some things I think we aren't meant to know, but just take on faith.  

But I know I won't have another friend in this lifetime like you. 

But I will celebrate your birthday tomorrow and I will offer comfort to you daughter and your grandkids, they miss you so very much.  That is the thing that is really hard to understand, why you had to leave those darling kids that you loved so much.

God Bless you my dear friend and thank you for 27 years of friendship and all that it gave us.

Happy Birthday Judy


  1. Joyce...I wasn't by a computer yesterday but I did think of you knowing it was Judy's birthday. Hoping that you found a little bit of peace and remembered all the wonderful times you two shared with your friendship. Why is that we kind of dread the anninversay days so?...I do with my dad but I am getting better with it...just takes time for all of us...we have to realize that I guess....take care ...xo

    1. I think you are oh so right, time is the only thing..........