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Saturday, December 4, 2010

LIghts, Lights, Lights

We took a walk last night around the RV resort to see all the lights. Every day there is another layer added.
I will take more photos next week when everyone is through
I have to get a better shot of the pool area it is really pretty

Today J and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in Mesa.Rosa's Grill They have great authentic  Baha Mexican food. 

their red salsa is roasted and the green is a sweet tomatillo

J had a beef enchilada

a had a cup of tortilla soup and a salmon and mango taco

And the decor is lovely, J is lovely too isn't he haha

Tomorrow  is J's birthday and everyone is coming to our house for happy hour. I am going to bake a lemon "inside outside"cake, I don't worry about him finding out cause he doesn't see this blog unless I show it to him.
It was a bit warm today, I think the high was around 79, had to move my chair in the shade this afternoon because I was getting to much sun. (this last sentence was for the benefit of my family, shivering in the snow, love you all!)

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Ooooh, that food looks SOOOOO yummy. Makes me wish I were there just for a day or two for some great salsa and chips!

    Let me know if you are ready for a winter make-over on your blog!


  2. You and your husband are doing what my husband and I started out to do. We bought motorhome and took off. After his death I sold it as it was just sitting there rotting. I remember crying as an old woman and her daughter drove it out of the driveway. When I got in the house I howled like a wounded animal. I was losing another part of Patrick and it was a pain I never want to repeat.
    I thought one day to get another, but my next husband...a hunter and fisherman just didn't want to do it...and when he died..I thought once again about doing it. But...again..I did not.
    Now I know I never will. That dream is really and truly dead. I will so enjoy following you and reading of your adventures!