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Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Old Stinks

I just plain feel old lately!  Seems like everything is breaking down and giving up.  I know all that stuff about growing old gracefully and I swear I try, I really do. 

Yesterday I had another crown  crack and break off, second one this winter.  Dentist says well that is to be expected, as we age..... I hate when they start that lecture.

Age spots, thinning hair, arthritic joints, weight gain, what's to be grateful for?  I guess the point is your are still breathing.  I know, I know, I am thankful for what I have, for what still works, but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. 

I keep saying "I am only 62" but it won't be long and I will have to say " I am only 63"

I truly don't understand why one day I can wake up and get dressed and look in the mirror and say "not bad" and the next day wake up, get dressed, look in the mirror and jump back in the bed and pull up the covers.


  1. I know just how you feel Joyce...but we have to keep on trying. I do the "not bad" thing too..seems like it takes such a committment of time and money ...I might have the time but don't have the money anymore! Or maye it is just not what I want to spend it on..

  2. Sorry I am behind on reading the blog. I really like your posts, just haven't had time or energy for Facebook. I know exactly how you feel about getting old, remember I'm two years ahead of you.
    Had that other tooth pulled today. It was a wisdom tooth with crooked roots. Bet I'm black and blue for this one.
    Luke's birthday party was okay, but Traci and I had an incident. I'll tell you about it when you get home; however, she did call this morning and apologize! That's a big step for her. I was upset that Connie didn't come. I didn't get her text message until I got home! Did you know she was having surgery?
    You don't need to make any stops on the way home. Just point that sucker northeast and keep on trucking. I'm more than ready for you to get here.
    I'll try to skype this week.