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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Everyone who knows me,  knows I hate change.  It's not the change itself it's trying to make the decision from the choices.  I hate having to do that, I have no faith in my design abilities, none at all.  I have been wanting to change my bedroom for a few months.  I had gotten it just right last year with a friends help, perfect quilt perfect pillow, matched flowers on the wall.  The only problem was I bought a quilt that could only be dry cleaned and I am a bad, bad dog owner and I allow my dog to play with J on the bed in the day time and she sleeps on it with us at night.

So needless to say it got dry cleaned quite often and was starting to look yucky.

Since the friend who helped me last year moved and my sisters are back home, I was on my own.

I was talking with my neighbor about my concerns with spending the money for a new quilt that would just be  ruined by Izzie and she showed me these great throw I could get at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  She uses it on her couch and just throws it in the wash.  

So off I went to BB&B and found the throw and a beautiful block quilt, found some pillow covers to match ( I had no idea you could by ready made pillow covers, I thought they had to be custom made) and bought a couple more and (as they say in France) WaLa!!! I think it looks lovely.

Jay for some reason questions the need to take pillows on and off the bed each night and morning. 

But I am happy, the bedroom is bright and cheerful and should  be easier  to keep clean, sure hope so.


  1. I love it too! I am in desparate need of a new bedspread etc! Just can't find anything or maybe I don't want to spend the money either? I just told Larry the other day IF we ever get another dog after Mollie she is NOT getting on the furniture..yea right he said! Ha! Just once in my life I would like to have furniture I don't have to cover...