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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing the Coach

This is the part of RVing that I don't enjoy, loading up! Of course I hate unloading even more. We try to keep duplicates of everything possible in the RV, but since we knew it would be sitting in storage most of the summer, I brought a great deal in that I normally wouldn't. These piles are just new things I have picked and Izzy's stuff, I still have clothes and food to assemble. But it is all cool, tomorrow morning we will be heading out to Door County and my bestest friend ever is coming down with her husband from Minnesota to spend a long weekend. Yeah!! I just checked to weather and it's high 70"s and no rain for the next 5 days, again, Yeah!
I had to throw in a picture of Izzy's new hair do, Jay just hates it, I told him to hush or I would put a pink bow around it. Now back to packing......


  1. I noticed Izzy's hair before I even looked at the other pictures. I think it's cute. Have fun on your mini trip.

  2. Oh, my, it looks like you had your work cut out for you - glad you got to put your feet up afterwards!