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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Santa Fe Find

It is really hard to find time to post here.  There is so much we are trying to cram in and with the altitude and my allergies I get so tired I crash pretty early.  

Today we are going into town to see the artwork of the Indians on the Plaza wall.  I usually get to buy one pretty when we are here, but yesterday we went to one of our favorite shops in Santa Fe and I may have already bought my one goody.

We always go to a shop called Double Take, which is a consignment shop for western wear.  Every year we find something unique, usually for Jay, but this year Jay found this beauty buried in a rack and I could not resist it.

It fits like it was made for me.  I told Jay there must be another chubby old lady out on a ranch somewhere who has great taste and lots of money, maybe she's my double, only rich!

This is a Double D coat made in Yoakam, Texas, brand new it would be around $1500 and I got it gently used for $250 ( I know you are proud of me Tanis)!

We are having a wonderful time here, I will try to do another post tonight of our visit to Taos yesterday.

Home in 7 days!!!!!

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