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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jay' perfect place

Friday we went to the Air Museum at the Pensecola Navel Base. Airplanes, Jay could look at them, read about them, talk about them all day. I only took pictures of a few, mostly Marine aircraft. I asked Jay to tell me about the relationship of the Navy and Marine Corp again because he always talks a little disparingly about the Navy and I didn't understand why on NCIS they are always investagating Marines deaths.  Well he talked to me about it for over half an hour and quess what, I still don't understand.
The Blue Angels are flying here this weekend and we were lucky enough to see their practice session while we were there. It was beautiful.



It was a really interesting place, they have three IMAX theatres and an outside field they you can ride around in a trolley and look at everything without falling over from exhaustion. We saved them for our next time. I was dragging just a little, the humidity and cold not so good for either of us.
Jay had mentioned after his ride on Thursday he saw someone harvesting peanuts. I knew they grew a lot of cotton here but didn't realize how many peanut fields till we started looking. I told Jay of my memories as a little girl in Mississippi having boiled and roasted peanuts, so of course on the way to the Museum we passed a guy boiling and selling peanuts on the side of the road.
 Of course, Joycie got some, I got the salted, oh man were they salty. I would have like to try the spicy but I was a chicken.
I love being in the south, chocolate gravy, greens, boiled peanuts if we stayed here any longer Jay would have to widen the door to get me in!

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