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Monday, June 3, 2013

Rain,rain go away......

I swear it has been raining ever since we got home.  Thunderstorms, humidity, yuck, yuck, yucky weather.  Where was our spring? We went straight to hot, humid summer.  
I thought about doing a recap of some of the places we spent time this past winter, but I think I will start fresh with what's going on now. And I promise I will try to be a better blogger going forward.  
FYI I did update the other blogs with resorts we stayed at and restaurants we visited.

I do have something to get excited about. Our niece is getting married in PA. on July 13. After that we are going to Traverse City , MI for two weeks.  It will be good to get on the road again.  I love living in the motor-coach!   The wedding is going to be so much fun, my sisters and their families are also going. We have rented an entire B&B for two nights and everyone (except Jay and I ) are going to stay there.
I think it will be like one big pajama party!  

We only get to see my two nieces and their babies once a year at best. Both of them have boys, two and one, and they are adorable.  I hate that they live so far away. They post lots of pictures and videos on facebook, which is great, but it is not enough, they are growing up so fast. 

We are looking for land, but so far no luck. It will happen, I know it will. God will lead us to a place and it will happen when it is supposed to.  I have told J I will be willing to stay at one of the yucky places around here while we look if he just wanst to go ahead and sell the house now. 

There are lots of things we have to figure out, one being a mail forwarding service. I have to do some research, I don't have it figured out yet. 

But let's face it, of all the problems we could be facing at this point in our life, mail forwarding is a very small thing.

Hope you have a good week, hope it stops raining.

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