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Monday, January 31, 2011

Design updates

Saturday "the girls" went shopping. I got new towels in the color I wanted for the bathroom. I had to buy towels 'cause the others were threadbare. We have been using them since we started RVing, about 4 years now, so I didn't feel guilty looking for some new ones.

I know it is a bright color but I like it. We only have one window in the big bathroom and I had J put a towel bar across it , so if the skylight is closed (which you have to do on the warmer days, 'cause it heats up the room) it is pretty dark in there.

The duvet cover is a rich chocolate color that I love. This is our first experience sleeping under a duvet and we love it. Being a girl of the south it has always been quilts for us but the duvet cover will be easier to wash since I have trouble keeping a little doggie with dirty feet off the bed. ( actually it's J's fault not the dog, he puts her up there to play.

The pillows show the color better. I am thinking of getting a couple of throw pillow the same color as the towels in the bathroom to give it a little pop.

I am hoping J will finish the patio today and I will post some pictures tomorrow. Made a new cake yesterday but I didn't like it so I am not posting a picture. It was a mix and just didn't turn out well.
Hope you all have a good week, love you and miss you.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt


  1. ooooh! I really love the color of the towels. Why go drab when you can go bold. Love it!


  2. I love it! I really like the chocolate brown...very nice...the towels colors are fabulous too...so fun to do these little things to change the scenery every once in awhile. Hope you have a good week...Happy Monday!

  3. I love the new color of the towels! I think it would really make the bed pop, also.

  4. Love the new towels..every four years we should buy new towels for sure!!..lol...I am looking for a new comforter also and might go with a duvet cover...easier to wash they say. Just can't find the color...will know it when I see it...have a good week...

  5. I LOVE the color!!!! Color is always good in my book!

    You don't have to live by my store - I special deliver to fun RV travelin' bloggers... you tell me what you're lookin' at - send me the most current address - it would be my HONOR to travel along with you via a shirt or a bag or...
    duct tape!!!!!!

    ;-D Have fun! Can't wait to see the patio!